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Terms & Conditions


In the event of fraud or any fraudulent attempt, we reserve the right to investigate the scenario and withheld whatever fund sent to us, be it E-currency and/or cash till we resolved the issue. Kindly note that this is expected to be a very rare to none experience and this is solely put in place to protect you as a customer

This arrangement speaks to the Billsexchange and her sites Terms of Service ("TOS") completely and supersedes some other composed or oral strategy. This approach characterizes the terms of administration all client's consent to when they agree to accept any administrations with Billsexchange. Billsexchange claims the select authority to reconsider, change or revise any bit of this Policy whenever, without notification ahead of time to clients. The gatherings to this assention are Billsexchange and the client. The user comprehends that the name, address, telephone number, banking details, E-currency account points of interest and some other individual recognizable proof data, including documents, for example, (phone bills, power bills or other service bills) must be valid and amend points of interest, having a place with the utilization Our service availability may require verification of clients. Clients may be forced to register and verify before transactions are completed, please note!

The user may not purchase E-currency from or sell E-currency to Billsexchange in the interest of someone else or utilizing someone else's bank, Mastercard or E- currency account points of interest. Billsexchange does not acknowledge outsider installments. The individual sending stores must be the proprietor, or approach the picked Digital Currency account in which the assets are being spent as well. Billsexchange won't exchange your own points of interest to others unless asked for to do as such with a court arrange, Government Authority. Billsexchange won't take any activities against you without a court, arrange or some other lawful premise. Billsexchange maintains whatever authority is needed to hinder any requests with suspicious substance. Processing Time and Notifications: Billsexchange attempt our best to process all request same day or within 24hrs. In any case, for a few reasons like shortage, request higher than supply, accessibility, thus numerous others, arranges possibly be deferred. You consent to be quiet and not utilize any sort of threat or oppressive words on any of our staff/agent.

Discount Policy

A discount demand could be created, whereas the trade organize is so far being ready. As a result of the concept of our business, we are able to provide discounts simply, if an invitation is so far being ready. We cannot cover the between account, exchange charge for the relating installment framework. This expense is going to be subtracted from the proper total we've got to get from a consumer. Once a trade arrange has been handled it cannot be refunded since you have already given your consent for the exchange.

Misrepresentation Prevention

All requests must go due persistence methodology as per FATF directions. We are taking all client PAN Card or Identity verification before utilizing our administration at Billsexchange. On the off chance that the User neglects to follow confirmation prerequisites, his/her request might be declined at the sole attentiveness of Billsexchange. We do not permit outsider exchange or hand to hand money bargain. And all exchanges handled through the managing an account framework. We kept securely all exchange records made through our site


We take over strict Anti Money Laundering (AML) strategy and meet the enactment of a large portion of the nations. It is intended to avoid tax evasion and meeting enactment commitments jump at the chance to have satisfactory frameworks and in addition to have finish controls to moderate the danger of the organization which is utilized to encourage money related wrongdoing. To sum things up, we endeavor to bar any routine with regards to pay age through unlawful activities. Subsequently, we dishearten our clients to open records as anonymous or in the imaginary name at our e-trade. We look forward to check records through our framework for legitimate ID of clients while opening a record with us and making exchanges, either purchasing or offering e-monetary forms.